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Associated Companies

Since its establishment in 1977,

DAELYUK PLATING CO., LTD has ceaselessly researched into and developed new technologies and techniques to meet customer requirements and improve quality over the last 40 years. Based on such technological competence the Company is now recognized as a worldwide provider of injected, plated and painted auto parts.

The Company developed a plastic plated radiator grille for the first time in Korea, and the eco-friendly trivalent chromium plating parts, the recent development of the Company, are manufactured at a commercial level. The Company is proud of its “Full-line Service System”, the fruit of the Company’s ceaseless efforts in technical innovation and quality improvement, to realize customer satisfaction from the initial phase of product development to the delivery.

Under the corporate philosophy of “caring for the society for human value creation and the natural environment”, the Company pursues environmental and ethical management to ensure growth in the industry and of quality of life, and makes steady investments in new technologies and techniques that are eco-friendly.

The efforts of the Company over the last 40 years for quality improvement will shine upon the creation of beautiful future through taking new challenges of creating the corporate culture that cares for the society and the environment.

Head Office
CEO Soobok Park
Location of Head Office 40 Ulsukdodae-ro 569-gil, Saha-gu, Pusan, Korea
Year of establishment 1977
Business Registration No. 610-81-23532
Activities Injection, plating, painting and assembly of auto parts
Contact Telephone No :  +    Fax :  +
Ulsan Factory
Location 18-53 Cheoyong-ro 487-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea
Activities Injection of auto parts, painting and assembly of modules
Contact Telephone No :  +    Fax :  +