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디엘피는 국내 최초로 친환경 3가 크롬 도금기술 개발, 세계시장에서도 인정받는 사출,도금,도장메이커로 자동차 부품산업의 미래를 밝힙니다.
R&D / Current State of Key R&D

Current State of Key R&D

Current R&D Activities

R&D Achievements & Performance

R&D Achievements & Performance
Particular Development Schedule R&D Performance Technology alliance/Responsible division Remarks
R&D Development Achievements
2.Corrosion resistance
3.High quality (color)
1982 Development and application of triple nickel plating on ABS plastic for improved corrosion resistance technology alliance with Sakae Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Japan)  
2006 Nation’s first development and application of plating simulation
(through close consultation with H/KMC’s design divisions)
(KIMS) XG Grandeur ~
Nation’s first development and application of trivalent plating technique
(eco-friendliness for competitiveness in Europe)/(anti-corrosion for improved competitiveness in Russia)
technology alliance with MacDermid (USA) Genesis Coupe (applied in 2008)
2007 Export of trivalent chrome white and hexavalent matt technology alliance with Enthone (Germany) LX 460 (LEXUS) Prius (Toyota)
2011 Nation’s first application of trivalent white plating technique to mass production (for corrosion resistance against de-icing chemicals) for cars exported to Russia
2012 Application of hexavalent matt plating technique to all auto models
(application of “the standardization of interior and exterior parts” of H/KMC)
Genesis, Equus, Carnival, Santa Fe
2013 Realization of unique color for exterior and interior parts for H/KMC and implementation thereof by standardized electroplating vendors for all models simultaneously