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R&D / R&D Strategies

R&D Strategies


Development of the auto part industry is a pressing issue to secure global competitiveness of the local carmakers. The surface treatment technology (plating, painting) is one of the most underdeveloped areas in the auto part industry. The Company has recognized the need of setting up an R&D center to address such technical needs, and established the R&D Center (that was officially recognized in 2013) to concentrate on its development efforts.


About R&D Center

About R&D Center
Year of Establishment 2013
Work force 7 developers
Main Duties
  • - Development of plating processes (econ-friendly processes)
  • - Current product by plating color: hexavalent gloss, hexavalent matt, trivalent black, trivalent matt,
    trivalent white
  • - Plating & Painting test
  • - CAE, CAD, Mold flow, CATIA, Map3D review and Plating simulation